Thursday, June 5, 2008

We had so much Fun!!

I love Cedar Point!! We had lots of fun! I think I will like roller coasters when I get bigger. Kaiden and Daddy rode super big rides and I think I will when I get older too!! I was afraid that it was going to be freezing, but it ended up being warm. My favorite ride was the Woodstock Express!! It was a big roller coaster to me!! Kaiden rode the Millenium Force which was a HUGE roller coaster! He could ride every ride except for two. Dallin got mad a lot because he couldn't ride a lot of the big rides with Kaiden. Maybe next year. . .

Me and Daddy on a leisurely drive!

That's Daddy and Kaiden in the middle!

Kaiden will be super embarrased that he is ridingJr. Gemini
in the picture. . he thought it was a super baby ride!