Saturday, October 6, 2007

I LOVE to Dance!!

Why is everyone looking at me like I'm crazy?

Do you ever get the feeling people are watching you? I feel that way a lot. I don't know why?

I am just minding my own business and then I will hear whispering or snickering? What is going on?

Did I tell you that I love to pick my own outfits out now? I must of done a really good job on this outfit, because Mommy wanted to take a picture of how good I looked!

That's my friend Matthew. Is he talking about me? Because I could of sworn I heard "Ewwww"!

It just takes time to look Fabulous!!

Dear Diary,

Man, I am realizing that it is hard work to look fab!! Mommy is always making me take baths. Now, instead of just washing my hair once, mommy puts another concoction on my hair, too!! Something called conditioner? Something like that. Then, Mommy has to comb my hair which I hate, and then make sure my curls are just right. Oh well, I do have to admit. . . I LOOK GOOD!! (hee hee)