Saturday, March 21, 2009

Did we catch the Leprechaun?

For a school project Dallin had to make a trap to try and catch a leprechaun on St. Patrick's Day. Mommy and Dallin looked on the Internet for ideas and were surprised to find lots of different trap styles. They picked one to make and him and Mommy got to work. The trap was a box that had a ramp on each side for the leprechaun to walk up on. Inside the box they strung fake gold from the top. The gold was there to lure the leprechaun inside. Then the two ramps looked like they connected but they really didn't. So, when the leprechaun went in, he would fall to the bottom of the box and not be able to get out.
All the kids in Dallin's class left their traps out the night before St. Patrick's Day, and hoped they could catch a leprechaun!

(Warning: These pictures are only reenactments of what took place on St. Patty's Day. They are based on a true story. The individuals are real, and the footprints are real!!!)
Here's Dallin with his trap. He's saying, "Shhhhh......"

Dallin was hoping that with this clue on the outside, the leprechaun would definitely go inside his trap!

Here's what the inside of the trap looked like.

Did we catch him? I see little leprechaun footmarks going up the ramp!

RATS!!! He outsmarted us!! But he did leave behind some treats and some gold coins!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We had some home makeovers at our house!

A few weeks ago Kaiden and Daddy went to New Hampshire to go skiing with Uncle Ryan. While they were gone, Pa and Grandma came up. Mommy wanted to redecorate and she knew Pa was just the man to get it done. Her and Pa repainted both the boys room, and my room. We even switched actual rooms. The boys room was painted in a farm theme before and Mommy figured that it was time for the boys to have a more sophisticated room. So. . .

Here is the boys room:

Remember, this used to be my room and it was painted in a mint green color with pink and yellow. Now it's their room and they seem to like it. Thanks for the hard work Pa!! Now keep reading to see my new room!

My New Room!

Here's my room. Remember, first it used to be the boys room, and looked like this. Except there was a border seperating the white from the red. Like Mommy said, it was farm themed and Mommy figured it was about time the boys got a more grown up room. But now it was going to be my room, and Mommy took the colors from one of my favorite blankets that my Nanna made me.

Ok, here are some before pictures:

And here's after:

Ta da! Don't you just love it! I do! I was so happy I got to sleep in a big girl bed! I couldn't wait!!

And I love this Barbie house that Pa made for me. Now I just need to get some furniture for it. Good thing I have a birthday coming up! Mommy remembered playing with hers all the time when she was little and wanted me to have just as much fun. I do play with my barbies a lot! (Sidenote: there really is a another shelf. Mommy just ran out of anchors to put it on. She needs to go to the store!)

Here's the blanket that my Nanna made for me. The little pillow came from my Great-grandmama.