Saturday, February 28, 2009

Go Kaiden!!!!

Kaiden did awesome at his basketball game!! He scored 10 points today!!! He did so good! I cheered and cheered for him. Infact I cheered so loud someone asked me if I was the team cheerleader. I told her as soon as I turn 5 I'm becoming a cheerleader!! She said I have the perfect voice for it. Mommy told me that means I'm really loud. Is that a bad thing?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

So, Mommy just wanted to say thanks to all her friends who took care of her while she was laying on the couch getting better from her surgery. Our friends brought dinner to us, made treats for us, drove us around, called to check on Mommy, or drove me to school. We have such GREAT friends and Mommy really appreciates them. Here is just a little bit of the yummy things that people brought us. All the other stuff we ate to fast and their was no time to get a picture!

Yummy Burritos (Kaid had three of them!)

Homeade Macaroni and Cheese (Dallin had 5 servings!!! I'm not even lying!) This is a picture of Dallin scraping his plate clean.

A pie that looks so yummy, but Daddy isn't done eating and so I'm still waiting to get my hands on it!
Thank you so much for all of our friends!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The next Hanna Montana. . . .


I think I've mentioned my obsession with Hanna Montana before, but if you've forgotten-I LOVE her!! Actually, I've never really seen her show, I just love her music. I can watch her concert on dvd over and over! I was busting it out one day on my guitar and my mom caught me! Once she started taping, I was a little shy at first and then I let loose!