Monday, September 29, 2008


So, Mommy put me in gymnastics and so far I love it! It is so much fun. We get to do all these fun things like doing flips around bars, doing somersaults, and jumping on the trampoline! The only scary thing is walking on the balance beam, but I try to be brave. Besides that, I LOVE IT!

These are all of my admirers! Just joking, these are some kids in my class!

Mommy helps me do stuff after the teacher shows us how to do it. (Yes, that's me. Aaagh! my head just got cut off!)

Here I was trying to do a handstand. Need more work on that! :) Mommy is going to try and take more pictures. The camera was not working very well, and Mommy has decided it is time to get a NICE camera. Now, Mommy just needs to find a trillion dollars!

Go Bobcats!!

Friday was Grand Blanc's homecoming. We always go to the parade and usually to the game. The weather was perfect. The sirens where way loud and me and Dallin had to cover our ears!!

Our parade friends this year, Hagen boys, and the Maxfield Family. We missed having the Leyes family with us, but we did see Matt and Mr. Brian in the parade! Notice Drew covering his ears-see, I told you the sirens were loud!

We tried to make up our own game while we were waiting for the parade to start.

Oh, there's me again! We went to the game and Grand Blanc stomped on Carmen Ainsworth! Can I get a hoot hoot!


We love when we go outside and we see Molly across the street watching us. Usually when she spots us she starts smiling really big! She is the cutest thing!!

Just Hangin' Around. . .

My Grandma and Pa came up for the week, and we had lots of fun just hanging around the house. I was the puzzle queen and also got my brothers addicted to them. Grandma is really fun to do puzzles with. We also played outside, rode bikes, and played football with Pa.



Thanks Grandma and Pa for coming and playing with me! When are you coming again? I miss you!

A Lot Has Happened. . .

since the first day of school. First of all, the biggest news is that Dallin and I got glasses!! Don't I look cute. Unfortunately for Dallin, he has forgotten how to smile since he got his glasses. (Actually today is picture day for Dallin, and Mommy kinda wishes she would of left Dallin's glasses at home!) Anyway, I don't mind wearing them. I probably should of wear them more than I should! I barely needed them. Would do you think?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

First day of School

Man. . .school finally came. Although, I'm not sure what all the fuss is about, because I LOVE school! My class is totally fun and I have 3 really nice teachers! Mommy was all nervous when I went, but I knew I could totally handle it! Mommy tends to get nervous. For example, we had to go eat lunch with Dallin today because Mommy was afraid he wouldn't know how to buy his lunch (today was the first day he bought lunch, all the other days he brought his lunch). Anyway, I think Dallin likes school too. Kaiden is the one who is not very excited. Oh well.

This is our bus stop. . .and this is only half the people that come. There are a lot of kids. In fact, the kids fill up one bus and this one bus stop! Man, that's a lot of kids!

Monday, September 1, 2008

At the Beach

So, we had a GREAT time in Florida. It was sunny the whole time and the water was very pretty except for the last two days. But I still had fun. I got a nice tan! Here are some pictures, not in any order. . .
Kaiden learned how to kayak and he was pretty good at it. Me, Mommy and Daddy went out one day on the kayak. We went out pretty far, and there were huge jellyfish all around us under the water. I was so glad I did not fall out!

One night we all went miniature golfing. I did not make a whole in one like I did in New York, but Uncle Bradley did!

We went for a long walk, the last night we were there. It was starting to get windy, because a big tropical storm was on it's way.

We got those shirts made while we were in Destin. Kaiden wears his like every day!

Thanks Granddad and Nanna, for letting us come and stay with you in Florida!

We made a pit stop on the way down to Florida, to do my favorite thing. EAT!

We went to this restaurant while we were in Florida. While we were there we all got a picture taken with a real gator. Me, Kaiden, and Dallin were holding it! No lie!

The Beach

Look, it's my name!

This is what we did all day, every day. That's how I got so tan. :)