Sunday, July 12, 2009

We had a fun time at Nanna and Granddad's house. I got to see Nanna, Granddad, Uncle Jared and Aunt Jenny, Cameryn, and Uncle Bradley. He is so funny. My brothers and I love to play hide-n-seek with Uncle Bradley. I don't know if he likes it though. Usually we can't technically find him, because he is behind a locked door. But we know he's in there! We also went to Holiday World, went on a hike in the stream by Nanna's house, watched granddad and Daddy fly a remote control plane, played with Great-Granddad's puppies, and played on Nanna's water slide. We also got to watch fireworks. We always have a lot of fun when we go Nanna's house.

There goes Daddy and Kaiden.

Kaiden said he had a headache when he got off.

Yay, finally it's my turn to ride a ride. Dallin rode it with me. It was bumper boats.

I totally bumped him all over the place!!

Oh, I love the carousel.

And so does Cameryn.

Kaiden was embarrassed that he had to ride the "baby" ride. He was just doing it to make sure that Baby Cameryn didn't fall off the ride!

See. . . .totally humiliated.

But I wasn't embarrassed!! I loved it!

And again, so did Cameryn.

As well as Dallin.

Aren't those the cutest bunnies you've ever seen?

My Aunt Jenny, Uncle Jared, and cousin, Cameryn

I am having a blast at this place!!! -that's what I was thinking in this picture.

Hey Cameryn is thinking the saaaaame thing!

Nanna and Granddad have a really awesome water slide. We love to play on it when we go to their house!

Mommy wishes this could be what she saw from our front door.

My Nanna and Granddad's house. I love going there.

Dallin said this puppy's name was "Cute". Hmm. . . very original, don't you think?

Why can't I keep this little guy?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

How was your 4th?

This year we were at my Nanna's house for July 4th. Besides it raining all day, we managed to have a good day. We had a yummy cook-out, and ate homemade ice cream. Ummm . . . it was yummy! My great-granddad and grandmama came over to visit. Then we got to the fun part and had our own firework show. We popped popcorn and sat on the front porch, while Daddy and Granddad put on a good show. How was your 4th? Good I hope!