Sunday, December 16, 2007

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

So many lights. . .

Check out this tree!! There are so many lights!! This tree was so cool!!

Here is a picture showing how bright it really was. . but be aware, yes it is blurry and no you don't need glasses!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Trimming the Tree

Let's get this party started!!

This is the tree when we started!!

This is serious business!!

Man, Kaiden gets to reach to all the cool places!!

I'm not to sure I like this picture!

The final product!!
Man, I was so excited to get the tree home and decorate it!!! I wasn't really sure what we were supposed to do, but since Kaiden is excited, I knew I was supposed to be excited!! So. . we came home, Daddy and Kaiden carried the tree in, and we got to work!! (If you want to know the real truth. . .we had to wait a while because Purdue was playing on t.v . and daddy had to watch some of it before he went and got the box of all the ornaments!!--can you believe that!) We barely started and then we realized we did not have enough lights so we had to wait some more for mommy to go and get lights from the store. When she got back and finished putting all the lights on, we finally got to work!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Look at the Reindeer!!

Let the Holidays Begin!!!

Well, everyone . . . it is officially Christmas time!!! And the first thing we did was cut down our own Christmas Tree!! It was lots of fun!! Let me tell you all about it!! First we rode a wagon all the way back to where the trees are. That was fun, but the funniest part was when Mommy almost fell off when the horses started going. They can get going pretty fast!! Next we got to see SANTA !!! After that we got to see real reindeer!! They didn't like us until we gave them apples then they LOVED us!! After that, we went and found a tree. Next, Daddy had to cut it down and drag it back to the road. Then we threw it back on a wagon and rode back to where our car was. The best part was the end. After we got the tree situated we went inside a barn and got donuts and hot chocolate!!! (Which might I say. . .hot chocolate is way to hot!!!! I am more of a room temperature chocolate kind of girl!) After we ate we took the tree home and started decorating!!! I can't wait for Christmas!!!

These are the horses that are so strong, Mommy almost fell off the wagon when they started going. Hee Hee!!

Here he is. . .the one and only. . . SANTA!! Although Kaiden says that this is not the real Santa, just a helper! Hmmm. . .I wonder how Kaid nows this. . .

Wow! Look at these guys!! They were very hungry!!

And. . . TA DA. . . here's our final pick!!

Happy Hunting!!

During this trip down to Indiana for Thanksgiving, Matt got an idea of what it feels like to be a manly hunter!! :) He went with his dad, uncle and grandfather, while they went hunting. He didn't actually hunt because an out-of-state license was way to expensive!!!! So he just went and watched. He had a fun time (if you call sitting in the cold, completely quiet, fun). :)

Matt's dad, grandpa, and uncle

Friday, November 16, 2007

All-star Kaid

So I had to post this about my big bro!! I am so proud of him!! Kaiden got to have his picture taken for the newspaper. I guess he does really good in school or something. He is so cool!! Way to go Kaid!!

"I Like to Move It, Move It"

Happy Birthday Dallin!!!

I had a great time at Dallin's birthday party! He turned 5. He was lucky and got to have a party at Chuck E. Cheese!! That is like the all-time BEST place ever!!!! First we got to eat pizza! Then, we got to play! Next, we got to DANCE, which of course is my most favorite thing to do!! Then we got to eat cake. Dallin had lots of friends come and got lots of presents. The only bummer part is that Mom and Dad don't realize that even though they are Dallin's presents, technically they are mine too!! I mean, come on, I get to play with everything!! Hee Hee! Anyway, we had a really fun time. I had my Griba aka Grandma there to play with me. She is like a professional ski-baller, so I got LOTS of tickets. Of course, Mom made me share them with Kaiden and Dallin. I think I ended up getting tootsie rolls or something with my tickets! YES!!! I love those! Kaiden got cotton candy, and Dallin got a miniature lunch box to put his Pokemon cards in and tootsie rolls. See, he loves them too!! Happy Birthday Dallin!!

Woo Hoo!! Dallin is so excited he doesn't know what to do!!

Of course, there's Kaid trying to take over!! :)

You didn't think that I would not post a picture of me, did you??!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Let Me Have It!!!!!

Trick-or-Treat: Take Three

Finally, the BIG night is here!! I was so excited that it was finally Halloween!! All I heard about Halloween was that you got LOTS and LOTS of CANDY!! Hello-did some one say candy?!!!! I'm all about getting free candy!! My brothers were very excited also! Kaiden was a swamp monster(?). We all thought he looked like the Grim Reaper, considering that was what his costume was. He went to school and came home saying he was a swamp monster! Whatever. . . Mommy says, "Just say Ok, so he is happy!". Dallin was a Power Ranger. I thought he look way cool. I really wanted to be a pink Power Ranger, but Mommy wouldn't let me. I was a chick. Mommy and Daddy thought that was perfect since everybody calls me Chicky. We had a really fun night. Actually I got tired of walking real fast!! I just wanted to rip into my candy. I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into a yummy, yummy pack of Smarties!! I came home after a couple of blocks, but Kaiden and Dallin went to all the houses in the neighborhood!

We had friends meet us at our house and then we went trick-or-treating together.

Oooooo. . . .that looks like a good piece of candy!

ahhh . . .CANDY at last!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

2nd Round of Halloween Celebrations!

This year we had a HUGE party at church for Halloween! There were so many people, it was CRAZY! It was a lot of fun! We got to bring some of my favorite friends from the neighborhood, Maggie and Matt! (Although, I like to call them both Maggie. Hey, it is a lot easier to just have to remember one name!) My mom picked out this crazy dress that was supposed to be someone name Dorothy. I said to my mom, "I DON'T LIKE THAT!" "TAKE IT OFF!" I was not about to wear a costume, who I had no idea who it was!! I don't think so!! Actually to tell you the truth, I didn't want to dress up at all. Mommy made me be this cat! I only wore it because I was supposed to be a MONSTER CAT! I don't look that scary though!
Anyway, we did have a lot of fun! We got to trick-or-treat for the second time. (A few days before we went to a place called Crossroads Village to trick-or-treat! That was fun too! And, we got to ride a scary train ride! No pictures though, because once again ((that is what my dad says))Mommy forgot to charge the camera, and it didn't work!) My mom said I was supposed to be scary in this cat costume, but then she put me in the Cutest Costume category! Uhm, hello, I am supposed to be in the Scary category!! Kaiden was also mad at Mommy because she put Kaiden in the "Others" category. I think that meant that Kaiden wasn't cute, scary, original, or anything. He was mad because he couldn't wear his mask! Kaiden said he came in last place! Don't worry Kaiden, I didn't win either!

Here is our friends, Maggie and Maggie AKA Matthew. Hmmm...Matt is looking pretty good! And, did I tell you that Dallin says that Maggie is his girlfriend?

Aww, the best part of the night is the CANDY!

Here is the lame contest I was in. As you can see I was not happy to be in it!! How am I supposed to compete with Cinderella and a cute Ladybug!!!

Daddy and Kaiden's Dream Come True!!!

Kaiden, Dallin and Daddy have been playing Grand Turismo A LOT lately on the PS2! Kaiden always, always picks a Corvette Zo6, to race with. One day, Daddy said that he could arrange for a real Corvette Zo6 to show up! So one day, this car showed up! (Sorry, it happen to be on the same day as our church's Halloween Party!) Let me just tell you, I am not sure who was more excited! Dallin, Kaiden, or Daddy!

The boys were so excited!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

I LOVE to Dance!!

Why is everyone looking at me like I'm crazy?

Do you ever get the feeling people are watching you? I feel that way a lot. I don't know why?

I am just minding my own business and then I will hear whispering or snickering? What is going on?

Did I tell you that I love to pick my own outfits out now? I must of done a really good job on this outfit, because Mommy wanted to take a picture of how good I looked!

That's my friend Matthew. Is he talking about me? Because I could of sworn I heard "Ewwww"!

It just takes time to look Fabulous!!

Dear Diary,

Man, I am realizing that it is hard work to look fab!! Mommy is always making me take baths. Now, instead of just washing my hair once, mommy puts another concoction on my hair, too!! Something called conditioner? Something like that. Then, Mommy has to comb my hair which I hate, and then make sure my curls are just right. Oh well, I do have to admit. . . I LOOK GOOD!! (hee hee)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Welcome Baby Camryn!

Ok, everyone. . . .
Look at this little baby!!! It's my NEW baby cousin, Camryn!! She is so little!!! Ok, Camryn, I want you to remember that I am your FAVORITE cousin!!

Congratulations Aunt Jenny and Uncle Jared!!!

What of been cute, except. . .

Mommy took lots of pictures tonight. She kept saying:

This would of been cute except you can see the snot coming out of your nose!

This would of been cute except your face is all dirty!

This would of been SO cute except it is all blurry!

This would of been cute except your wearing a crazy outfit!
I personally don't see anything wrong with them!!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow. . .

Sometimes I still experience things for the first time. Tonight I saw my first rainbow! At least it is the first one I can remember! I thought it was the coolest thing! Such pretty colors!

Dallin Getting off of the Bus

Oh, thank goodness!!! See, Dallin did make it home safely off of the bus! I sure did miss him!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Dallin's First Day of School Pictures

Here are pictures of Dallin's first day. He is in Young 5's. It is a program for children who could of started Kindergarten but their mommies chose not to, since they would of been the youngest. Next year he will be in Kindergarten. He goes to the same school as Kaiden and a bus comes to take him to school and another one drops him off. He rides the same bus home as Kaiden. I really miss him in the afternoons! (If I am not sleeping)
This is my brother Dallin. I like to call him Baby. He is my best friend!!!

This is Mrs. Dulude, his teacher.

Look, he is so smart!! He can write his name already!! Man, I don't even know what letters are!!

Awww, poor Dallin. This is why I thought school was terrible!! Dallin was so sad and scared to go to school!! He yelled "MOMMY!!" the whole time he was on the bus. When the bus drove away, his face was stuck to the window and he was still yelling "MOMMY!" Daddy videotaped it all! We watched it when we came back inside the house! I couldn't handle it!! I started screaming and Mommy could not calm me down for 45 minutes!! I missed him so much! I kept asking, "Where's Baby?" Don't worry, now he loves going to school! He was just scared that first day. Mommy said she had a picture of him getting off of the bus happy, but she can't find the camera!! Oh MOMMY!!!!