Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yeehaw. . .It's Rodeo Time!

Man, I chowed down on food!
One of the CRAZY horses I was talking about!
Kaid was trying to get buddy-buddy with the rodeo clown.
Run, Kaid, Run! Watch out for the - Oh, too late!
Dear Diary,

A couple weeks ago my family and I went to a rodeo. It was crazy. There were all kinds of people there. And there were some really crazy horses. WILD horses! I didn't really watch anything that was going on. I liked the rodeo because of all the food I got to eat! I got to eat pizza and ice cream! Yum Yum! Oh yeah, and I got to wear these really cute cowgirl boots. They were pink, which is my favorite color! My brother, Kaiden, played a game for all of the boys. It was a race. They had to take their shoes off and run. The best part was that Kaiden stepped on horse doodoo! GROSS! I had lots of fun, but I don't think that I would want to be a cowboy! It is too dangerous!

Motorcycle Mania

I am one cool chicky!
This girl is crazy driver!
Wow, Kaid is pretty wild!
Dallin, have you been working out?
Dear Diary,

I am now a full-fledged motorcycle mama! I looked pretty good, if I do say so myself. Of course my brothers had to copy me too, and now they think they are pretty cool. We went to the Sloan Museum with the Higbee girls and got to pretend to drive motocycles. It was cool!

Beach Babes

There's me looking like a model!
This is Lake Huron. . . a "GREAT" lake.
There's Kaid getting ready to be buried.
Almost done burying Kaid.
There's the brother that dumped sand in my face!
Dear Diary,
I can't believe that summer is almost over! It went by so fast! I got to do lots of fun things this summer. I was just thinking about the time we went up to Tawas. My mom says that it is a great lake. (Although, I am not so sure what is so GREAT about it.) She said it is called Lake Huron. I don't believe her! It looks like the ocean to me! We have lots of fun every time we go. This particular time, we took my Nanna and Granddad. Kaiden wanted to be buried in the sand. That was lots of fun. Actually, it looked so fun that I decided I wanted to do it also. Let me tell you. . . It is not that fun! Especially when your big brother dumps sand on your face! After 30 seconds I said, "Forget this!" BLAAAA! Oh well, I still had a good time!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Soccer Stinks!

Dear Diary,
I wanted to share how we spent all of our Saturdays during the beginning of the summer. We had to go to the dreaded soccer games! My brothers liked them, and so did my parents, but as for me. . . I didn't! For one, we always had to get up early! I mean, hello, I need my beauty sleep. Our family isn't organized enough to have everything ready, so getting somewhere early meant, either we were late, or I didn't get breakfast! My brothers did look pretty cute in their uniforms. Ok, I usually didn't mind watching one game, but then we would have to go to another game! (I wish my brothers could of been on the same team!) That's when I would get mad. Oh well. My brothers had a good season at least. Man, the things I do for my brothers!
Kaiden is number 20.
Kaid's last game of the season.
Wait, you mean now we have to watch Dallin's game?!
There's Dallin.
This was Dallin's last game also.

"I have to write about Dallin"

Dear Diary,
Today, my mom said that I have to write about Dallin. Remember how I told you that we took a really cool vacation over Memorial Day. Well we had to get back, because the next day, Mommy and Dallin had to wake up really early to go to Lansing. (That's the capital of Michigan!) Anyway, I guess Mommy and Dallin had to go to a rally for small children's programs in the state of Michigan. They had to talk to senors. . . . um, I mean. . . senators, yeah. There was some big program and Dallin and his best friend Taran got asked to take pictures with all the award winners. Now Dallin thinks he is a big shot. Whatever. . . By the end of the day, Dallin was so tired!! He went to bed early that night!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Holiday World - Here I come!

Dear Diary,

Over Memorial Day weekend, mommy and daddy took me and my brothers to a place called Holiday World. It is in Southern Indiana, not too far from my Nanna andGranddad's house. We had lots of fun! Although, I was mad a lot. . . . they had all these rides I wanted to ride, but some kid would put a measuring stick up to me and say I was too small! Don't worry, I let them know I was not happy about it. By the end of the day, I was exhausted. I fell asleep immediatly. After our fun trip to Holiday World, we went to my Nana's house. Granddad and Nana had got this awesome blow-up slide. My brothers LOVED it. I, however, was not so sure about it. I decided to try it once, and that was enough for me! Thanks Nanna and Granddad - that was fun . . . for my brothers! :)



My Birthday

Dear Diary,

We have done a lot this summer. I guess I will start with the most important thing. . .MY BIRTHDAY! We kicked the summer off to a great start with my birthday. My big day was April 28. (Ok, technically it was in the spring, but close to summer, right?!) I had a good day. Some friends came over and I got to have a party!! The best part was my Hello Kitty cake. My favorite gift was from mommy and daddy. They took me and my brothers to see ELMO!!! I loved it. I also got a pretty rad princess t-shirt. Every time I see it, I have to say "Oh, preepy princess!"



Introducing Gabby Hinds

Dear Diary,

Hooray! Today I am starting a new diary of my two-year old life! I don't know about you, but I am pretty busy in this stage of my life. I mean I have rooms to mess up, brothers to fight with, friends to play with. . . oh yeah, and I'm working on potty training. Please don't get mad if I don't write every day! Like I said I am a busy girl. (My mom is even more busy, and I have to ask her to do the typing!) Since my life can get pretty crazy, I am sure we will have plenty to talk about. Greeba (my grandma) says that my name suits me well. I guess I am pretty gabby.

I am glad we could meet! Talk to you soon!