Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Capture the Monster!!

Capture the Mario!! Men, Mario is on the loose!! He must be captured at all costs!!
Roger that Sir, the Mario is captured!

Ugh, actually he's not! He's escaping!!
Ok, Ok, we can't help it. This is what we do on Sunday's. Sunday is our t.v. rest day, so we use our imaginations!! We have fun though! (At Mario's expense) :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kaid's Basketball League Kicks Off!

Kaiden started a basketball league and last Saturday was his first game. Daddy is the team coach. They both really enjoy it. My favorite part is watching the cheerleaders. I didn't realize that you had to be five to be a cheerleader. When I saw the cheerleaders walking in, I yelled to Mommy, "Mommy, oh no, I forgot to be a cheerleader!" I was really concerned. I thought they let anyone be a cheerleader, and I wasn't about to miss my opportunity!! Then Mommy said you had to be five, so I am counting down the days till I turn 5! I can't wait. This is a video of the team introductions. You can't see anything, but you can hear them announce Kaiden about 17 seconds into the video. They also announce Daddy at the end. Go Kaiden and Daddy!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

My Christmas

Yeah, finally Mommy is posting some of our Christmas pictures. We had a really good Christmas. I love Christmas because it means that we get to go down to Indiana and see my grandparents. Although this year was extra special, and my Grandma and Pa came up to see me! I LOVE when they come!! In fact, I hope they come back when Kaiden and Daddy fly to New Hampshire to go skiing in February. :) I also got to see my Nanna and Granddad, Uncle Bradley, Uncle Jared, Aunt Jenny and baby Camryn. I also got to see family in Lexington, KY. It was fun to go there and visit my Great Aunts and Uncles. But, this was all after Christmas, so let's get back to Christmas in Michigan. . .

This was Christmas Eve. We always get pojams on Christmas Eve. I was rocking Hanna Montana!! She's awesome!!
This was what was waiting for us on Christmas Morning!! Say Hello to Mario -you have to say it with an Italian accent. That's the only way he responds to his name. . . really! :) Mario is the newest member of the family. He is the cutest little hamster. He was getting kind of crazy for a while, but he has calmed down. Now he is really nice. Although Mommy still wears ski gloves when she picks him up. He never bites me. . . and Mommy says that I'm really rough with him. Hmmm. . . .

Along with Grandma and Pa, we also had the missionaries from my church, come have Christmas with us. They were so funny. Mommy also got them pojams to wear, which they totally rocked, might I just say! We opened presents, had breakfast, and then pretty much played with the wii! Santa brought that to us this year!

Thanks for all the presents!!

Picking out our Christmas Tree. . .

Daddy, can you carry me!!

Finally, we found the perfect tree!

I'm so tired!

On the wagon

So, yes, mommy is playing catch up again!! So let me tell you how our Holidays went. . . It was really good! We started out by picking a tree. It felt really cold that day, although after the weather we've had lately it probably would of felt warm to me! Anyways, we had fun picking out our tree. Sorry the pictures are in a backwards order. First, we rode a wagon out into the fields. Then we walked around until we found the perfect tree. I was getting so tired! (remember, I got stomach flu later that evening, so that probably explains why I was so tired! I'm usually in tiptop shape!) We finally found a tree. Actually Kaiden found it. Daddy cut it down and him and Kaiden dragged it back to where the tractor picked us back up. Next they put it through this machine that made the tree look really skinny. Daddy tied it to our car. Last, (my favorite part)we got donuts and hot chocolate. It was so yummy. That evening we decorated the tree and then I threw up at the dinner table. Oohhh, I'm glad that's over with!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

So. . .

Really fast, here is a run down of things we've been doing leading up to Christmas.
We. .
.1 Played in the snow and have gone sledding. Let me just say that I'm a serious sledder and have even added ramping to my sledding activities. Kaiden also started going with ski club each week.
2. Went to many Christmas events, including Crossroads Village, school holiday parties, and our church Christmas party. The only problem is that SANTA has also attended all of these events, and I don't like Santa. Why you might ask? "I don't like his wipe hair!" and "I only like Santa when I am sleeping and he brings me presents!". I don't want to be anywhere near him, so that is why Daddy tricked me and rushed me into the picture really fast! Oooohh, that Daddy is so sneaky!

3. We went out and looked for the perfect Christmas tree. (I will have to post that later) Then we came home and decorated it. Next I threw up at dinner time and proceeded to get my mom and my brother sick also with the stomach flu. This picture was taken pre-"blaugh" as I like to say.

4. We got pounded with more snow, and the last day of school before Christmas break got cancelled! Hooray! But the past two weeks have passed to quickly and now Daddy has to go back to work and the boys have to go back to school! Waaaa!

Now on to the Christmas pictures!

Kaiden is a Yellow Belt!

Way to go Kaiden! He got his yellow belt in karate. He is studying Tang Soo Do Karate, and he really enjoys it. Dallin also took the class with him. On the last day they both broke wooden boards with their hands!!! They are awesome!

After the yellow belt ceremony there was a big party at the karate school. I had so much fun. We ate, played games, and found out that Dallin is a master at playing dodge ball!