Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Trick-or-Treat: Take Three

Finally, the BIG night is here!! I was so excited that it was finally Halloween!! All I heard about Halloween was that you got LOTS and LOTS of CANDY!! Hello-did some one say candy?!!!! I'm all about getting free candy!! My brothers were very excited also! Kaiden was a swamp monster(?). We all thought he looked like the Grim Reaper, considering that was what his costume was. He went to school and came home saying he was a swamp monster! Whatever. . . Mommy says, "Just say Ok, so he is happy!". Dallin was a Power Ranger. I thought he look way cool. I really wanted to be a pink Power Ranger, but Mommy wouldn't let me. I was a chick. Mommy and Daddy thought that was perfect since everybody calls me Chicky. We had a really fun night. Actually I got tired of walking real fast!! I just wanted to rip into my candy. I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into a yummy, yummy pack of Smarties!! I came home after a couple of blocks, but Kaiden and Dallin went to all the houses in the neighborhood!

We had friends meet us at our house and then we went trick-or-treating together.

Oooooo. . . .that looks like a good piece of candy!

ahhh . . .CANDY at last!!!


The Horn Family said...

The kids look so cute! Gabby you look just like a chick. Cute costume.

Judaloo said...

I LOVE that Chicken costume!! I saw one at Babies R Us, and thought about buying next year for Jacie. Too cute!!

The Horn Family said...

Sometimes I feel like such a dork when I leave messages on blogs. Oh well..I left a message. If you want you can read it and leave a message too and be a dork with me.

Mom and Dad said...

We love our cute little grand kids because they are the best kiddies in all of Michigan and the cutest too!

Grandma and Pa