Friday, December 7, 2007

Let the Holidays Begin!!!

Well, everyone . . . it is officially Christmas time!!! And the first thing we did was cut down our own Christmas Tree!! It was lots of fun!! Let me tell you all about it!! First we rode a wagon all the way back to where the trees are. That was fun, but the funniest part was when Mommy almost fell off when the horses started going. They can get going pretty fast!! Next we got to see SANTA !!! After that we got to see real reindeer!! They didn't like us until we gave them apples then they LOVED us!! After that, we went and found a tree. Next, Daddy had to cut it down and drag it back to the road. Then we threw it back on a wagon and rode back to where our car was. The best part was the end. After we got the tree situated we went inside a barn and got donuts and hot chocolate!!! (Which might I say. . .hot chocolate is way to hot!!!! I am more of a room temperature chocolate kind of girl!) After we ate we took the tree home and started decorating!!! I can't wait for Christmas!!!

These are the horses that are so strong, Mommy almost fell off the wagon when they started going. Hee Hee!!

Here he is. . .the one and only. . . SANTA!! Although Kaiden says that this is not the real Santa, just a helper! Hmmm. . .I wonder how Kaid nows this. . .

Wow! Look at these guys!! They were very hungry!!

And. . . TA DA. . . here's our final pick!!


Pa said...

You guys look like you had a ton of fun getting your tree. What a fun thing to do. Greba and I wish we could have been on the trip, if for nothing else than to see Mommy olmost go off the wagon (hee hee) thanks for the cool pics and telling us all about the day.


The Horn Family said...

It would have been great to see your mom fall off the wagon. The pictures were fun to see.

Judaloo said...

Looks totally fun!