Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Crossroads pictures of mainly just me. . .hee hee

Whoa. . It's Clifford and he's really big!!

Trick or Treating at Crossroads 2008

We went for our annual trick-or-treat visit to Crossroads Village this weekend. Mommy decided it would be a perfect time to go because the weather was perfect-warm and sunny. Like every time we go to Crossroads-we had a great time. We took a train ride on the spooky train after we trick-or-treated in the village. We saw lots of skeletons, pumpkins, and some monsters!!

This year for Halloween, I'm a witch. . .
Dallin is Batman (yes, you heard that right--NO, he is not a red power ranger this year!!)
and after buying many costumes and taking them back, Kaiden is a ninja!
Oh, for crying out loud. . . just take the picture already!!!

Look, I'm totally brewing a witch's stew and putting a spell on someone!! NO LIE!! See the smoke!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dallin LOVES Speedracer!

We got Speedracer from Netflix the other day. Since then I have had to watch it every day!! Aghhh! I am so tired of Speedracer!!!

Dallin also loves if we watch with him! Look at me, I am so tired. . . of the movie!

And this is how Dallin looks EVERY time he watches it. He acts like it's the first time he has seen it or something!!

Dallin, Dallin, Dallin. . . what would I do without him. By the way, I'll give you one guess on what Dallin wants to be when he grows up? He must of inherited his love of race cars from Daddy. At least Daddy now will have some to watch the Indy 500 with!

Making Cookies

Yeah! Me, Dallin, and Mommy made pumpkin cookies tonight. Me and Dallin are pretty good cooks. We need to start making cookies more often!

Wella, the final product!

The Boys Start Karate

Dallin is in the front row, and Kaid is in the back row.

Watch out, pretty soon we are going to have two Karate Kids running around our house!! The boys started karate on Tuesday. It was an intense class! Some of the kids couldn't hack it. :) Notice the poor little guy who started crying. I probably would of cried too if someone was hitting me!! The boys seem to like it. Actually Dallin loves it and Kaiden is the one who isn't too sure about it. I think Kaiden was worried he wasn't going to be able to wrestle with his friends, because they had to make a promise not to hit other kids after they learn how to karate chop. :) Mommy explained that play fighting was fine, but that he just can't really beat someone up if he gets mad. The teacher told them that on the last day, they will karate chop a board in half!! Now this I gotta see! Stay tuned for that one. . . .

At the Pumpkin Patch

We went to a local pumpkin patch last weekend and had a ton of fun. My brothers and I each got to pick our very own pumpkins, took a hayride, had donuts and cider, and learned how to make apple cider. We also took home yummy apples and pears. I get to go to another pumpkin patch in a week - my brother's class is taking a field trip. Hooray!

Man, it takes time to pick the right pumpkin!

Dallin is still deciding.

Success! Kaiden has picked the perfect pumpkin!

After we were all done picking our pumpkins, eating our donuts, and shopping in the little store, we went and saw all the animals on the farm. The piggys were S-T-I-N-K-Y! Yuck! But, they were cute and funny. There was also turkeys, goats, ponies, and a dog.

Pumpkins. . .

This was when we first got to the pumpkin patch.

Waiting for the hayride to start.

Daddy and Dallin (Hey look, they both can't keep their eyes open-it's to bright I guess)

I'm not sure what this is all about. Kaid must be trying to act cool.

Monday, October 6, 2008

More Gymnastics

Some more pictures from gymnastics. . .

Some of my classmates. (I'm so lucky to have 3 friends from church in my class too!)

Upside down

Man. . . that was fun!

Have I mentioned how much fun this class is?