Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My New Room!

Here's my room. Remember, first it used to be the boys room, and looked like this. Except there was a border seperating the white from the red. Like Mommy said, it was farm themed and Mommy figured it was about time the boys got a more grown up room. But now it was going to be my room, and Mommy took the colors from one of my favorite blankets that my Nanna made me.

Ok, here are some before pictures:

And here's after:

Ta da! Don't you just love it! I do! I was so happy I got to sleep in a big girl bed! I couldn't wait!!

And I love this Barbie house that Pa made for me. Now I just need to get some furniture for it. Good thing I have a birthday coming up! Mommy remembered playing with hers all the time when she was little and wanted me to have just as much fun. I do play with my barbies a lot! (Sidenote: there really is a another shelf. Mommy just ran out of anchors to put it on. She needs to go to the store!)

Here's the blanket that my Nanna made for me. The little pillow came from my Great-grandmama.


Maxfield Family said...

The room turned out super cute! I love the giant dollhouse. Looks like all the hard work payed off.

The Horn Family said...

The rooms look really cute! I like the colors. The doll/barbie house is really cute. Do you remember playing barbies at my house? My mom still reminds me of that every now and then.

Judaloo said...

Oh my gosh! I should have hired you to come paint my house!! It looks awesome!

Brent and Katie said...

The rooms are really cute. Good job you guys.

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