Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wow...It's April already????

Man, I haven't posted anything for an extremely long time!! It seems that the older I get the busier I get! lol And I'm only 4! Although, in exactly 8 days I will be 5 year old!! Can you believe that!! That means, this coming fall I'll be in Kindergarten!! I can't wait...I am so ready to be big like my brothers! Last time we talked it was Dallin's birthday, back in November. We have done a lot of fun things since then...Christmas, basketball, cheer leading, Kaiden's birthday...I have a lot of catching up to do! Right now, we just started baseball season, and hello!, like I said, we've a MAJOR event coming up in 8 days!! Can't wait...Until I post about the past couple months, here are some cute photos that were taken in the last couple weeks...I'm getting so big! lol


Maxfield Family said...

Love all the cute pictures. We sure miss you guys!

Grandma and Pa said...

Wow, that is one cute little 5 year old. Thanks for putting up with us, we had a great visit and miss you guys already!

Love, Mom and Dad

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