Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ft. Duchesne 4th of July Pow Wow 2010 Teen Boys Grass-What Kaiden Hopes to Learn...

July 4th Vacation 2010-Ft. Duchesne Ute Pow Wow

Our final stop in our July 4th West-ward vacation was the great state of Utah. My grandma's sister, Aunt Leona, lives in Roosevelt, and we wanted to see her! I've missed her since I saw her last year, and Dallin has missed flirting with an older woman. (He fell in love with her last summer.) We arrived at her house late Wednesday night. We had enough time to get a good night's rest, and then we were off to the 42nd Annual Ute Indian Tribe Pow Wow the next morning. This was my first time experiencing a pow wow. In fact, it was Daddy, Kaiden, and Dallin's first time also. Dallin and I had a good time, but Kaiden instantly fell in love with the whole idea, and wouldn't stop watching for anything! Not even to get food! Me-if I heard we were going to get fry bread from one of the food vendors--I was all over that. You didn't have to tell me twice!! We went to the Pow wow on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. My mom took a BUNCH of pictures. Here some of the pictures she took:

This was during the opening ceremonies.
A Pow wow is like a big dance competition, and everyone is encouraged to participate! Even the little guys like these kids.

These were my favorite dancers. They were jingle dancers, and they have bell-like pieces on there dresses, that makes noise as they dance to the drums. I want Mommy to make me a dress like theirs.
A little jingle dancer
To be in the actual contest, you had to be dressed in Indian dress. But between dances they would have inter-tribal dancers that anyone could participate in. Kaiden was out their every inter-tribal.
We even saw a rainbow!

Another little guy. So cute!
Isn't she beautiful. She had on a buckskin dress that was so pretty!
This was a fancy shawl dancer. They were pretty neat to watch also.
Look at all the detail that goes into the dresses. And they are handmade.
These were the drummers that were right next to where we sat. There were groups of drummers scattered all around the circle, and they each took turns singing, while the dancers danced. These guys were called Eyabay. I saw that they took 1st place in the drum competition.
The pow wow went on into the night.

This was one of the Indian Princesses. She had to be able to speak native Ute, among other things. She was also a traditional dancer.

A fancy dancer. This guy was one of Daddy's favorites to watch.

Kaiden hopes this will be him one day!
I can't wait to get the opportunity to go again, and neither can Dallin or Kaiden. Except next time, we want to be in the right clothes!!