Thursday, August 23, 2007

Soccer Stinks!

Dear Diary,
I wanted to share how we spent all of our Saturdays during the beginning of the summer. We had to go to the dreaded soccer games! My brothers liked them, and so did my parents, but as for me. . . I didn't! For one, we always had to get up early! I mean, hello, I need my beauty sleep. Our family isn't organized enough to have everything ready, so getting somewhere early meant, either we were late, or I didn't get breakfast! My brothers did look pretty cute in their uniforms. Ok, I usually didn't mind watching one game, but then we would have to go to another game! (I wish my brothers could of been on the same team!) That's when I would get mad. Oh well. My brothers had a good season at least. Man, the things I do for my brothers!
Kaiden is number 20.
Kaid's last game of the season.
Wait, you mean now we have to watch Dallin's game?!
There's Dallin.
This was Dallin's last game also.