Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yeehaw. . .It's Rodeo Time!

Man, I chowed down on food!
One of the CRAZY horses I was talking about!
Kaid was trying to get buddy-buddy with the rodeo clown.
Run, Kaid, Run! Watch out for the - Oh, too late!
Dear Diary,

A couple weeks ago my family and I went to a rodeo. It was crazy. There were all kinds of people there. And there were some really crazy horses. WILD horses! I didn't really watch anything that was going on. I liked the rodeo because of all the food I got to eat! I got to eat pizza and ice cream! Yum Yum! Oh yeah, and I got to wear these really cute cowgirl boots. They were pink, which is my favorite color! My brother, Kaiden, played a game for all of the boys. It was a race. They had to take their shoes off and run. The best part was that Kaiden stepped on horse doodoo! GROSS! I had lots of fun, but I don't think that I would want to be a cowboy! It is too dangerous!


Judaloo said...

Allery, this blog is so darn cute! I'm so glad I found it!! Can I put your site as a link on mine?