Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Finally, Christmas Day has come!!!

Yes!!! Finally, it was time to open presents!!! Actually, I was so excited that Daddy had to come wake me up. Hee Hee! The boys were ready to rip into their presents. What fun things did we get? Kaiden got skiis, Dallin got Transformers, and I got a Dora Castle! Yes!! We all loved our presents!!
Kaiden guessed confidently before opening each of his presents.

What is it?? What is it??

Thank you Kaiden!! I love these shoes!!

Poor Daddy!! He did not have a good day! He woke up with stomach flu!! Thankfully, none of us caught it!!!


Gage Kids said...

No fun when daddy doesn't feel good! Looks like you still were able to enjoy the day!