Monday, September 29, 2008


So, Mommy put me in gymnastics and so far I love it! It is so much fun. We get to do all these fun things like doing flips around bars, doing somersaults, and jumping on the trampoline! The only scary thing is walking on the balance beam, but I try to be brave. Besides that, I LOVE IT!

These are all of my admirers! Just joking, these are some kids in my class!

Mommy helps me do stuff after the teacher shows us how to do it. (Yes, that's me. Aaagh! my head just got cut off!)

Here I was trying to do a handstand. Need more work on that! :) Mommy is going to try and take more pictures. The camera was not working very well, and Mommy has decided it is time to get a NICE camera. Now, Mommy just needs to find a trillion dollars!


valerie said...

This looks so fun. I keep meaning to ask you where you take Gabby for this. Erin would love this too.

Anonymous said...

Chickie has got the moves and the serious look down pat! Go Gabbers!!


Janeen said...

Yeah for chickie! Have fun and don't worry about the handstands...those take FOREVER!

ytryeyre said...

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