Monday, September 1, 2008

At the Beach

So, we had a GREAT time in Florida. It was sunny the whole time and the water was very pretty except for the last two days. But I still had fun. I got a nice tan! Here are some pictures, not in any order. . .
Kaiden learned how to kayak and he was pretty good at it. Me, Mommy and Daddy went out one day on the kayak. We went out pretty far, and there were huge jellyfish all around us under the water. I was so glad I did not fall out!

One night we all went miniature golfing. I did not make a whole in one like I did in New York, but Uncle Bradley did!

We went for a long walk, the last night we were there. It was starting to get windy, because a big tropical storm was on it's way.

We got those shirts made while we were in Destin. Kaiden wears his like every day!

Thanks Granddad and Nanna, for letting us come and stay with you in Florida!

We made a pit stop on the way down to Florida, to do my favorite thing. EAT!

We went to this restaurant while we were in Florida. While we were there we all got a picture taken with a real gator. Me, Kaiden, and Dallin were holding it! No lie!

The Beach

Look, it's my name!

This is what we did all day, every day. That's how I got so tan. :)


Maxfield Family said...

Looks like fun. I would love to spend a week laying on the beach. You took some really cute pictures Allery.

valerie said...

Oh that looks like fun! Sandy beaches, beautiful sunsets and the ocean!! Great pics!!