Sunday, October 4, 2009


I need to tell you about Destin. We went on vacation with Nana and Granddad, Uncle Ryan and Aunt Elizabeth, Uncle Bradley, Aunt Jenny, and baby Cameryn. (or Camera, as I like to call her! hee hee) We went there the week before school started! It was a last hoorah for the end of summer.

We couldn't of asked for more perfect weather! I had so much fun! Nana called me a little fish, because I wanted to play in the water from the morning until dinner time! It was fun to play with my brothers and Cameryn.

Dallin, Kaiden, and Daddy had lots of fun boogie boarding! They got pretty good at it! I also had some time on the board! Here's Dallin giving it a try.

Here's Daddy. . .

And Kaiden also took a turn! Look at him ride that wave in!!

My brothers and I got sooo tan! And I still got it!!

It was very relaxing on the beach. The sound of the waves just puts everyone to sleep, like Nana here!

Did I mention that we LOVED being at the beach???

Here's Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Ryan chillaxing.

Who would of thought we would of seen a pirate ship!!

This guy is kinda cute in his own little way, right?

Maybe not!!!

Dallin looks a little worried being this close to alligators!

Or maybe it's the shark!! Aghhh!!!

We did some serious go-karting while we were in Florida. And of course, yours truly took 1st place. Ok, with a little help from Aunt Jenny.

Here some more shots of all the fun!!


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She said : Kaiden, and Daddy had lots of fun boogie boarding! They got pretty good at it! I also had some time on the board! Here's Dallin giving it a try.

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