Friday, September 21, 2007

Dallin's First Day of School Pictures

Here are pictures of Dallin's first day. He is in Young 5's. It is a program for children who could of started Kindergarten but their mommies chose not to, since they would of been the youngest. Next year he will be in Kindergarten. He goes to the same school as Kaiden and a bus comes to take him to school and another one drops him off. He rides the same bus home as Kaiden. I really miss him in the afternoons! (If I am not sleeping)
This is my brother Dallin. I like to call him Baby. He is my best friend!!!

This is Mrs. Dulude, his teacher.

Look, he is so smart!! He can write his name already!! Man, I don't even know what letters are!!

Awww, poor Dallin. This is why I thought school was terrible!! Dallin was so sad and scared to go to school!! He yelled "MOMMY!!" the whole time he was on the bus. When the bus drove away, his face was stuck to the window and he was still yelling "MOMMY!" Daddy videotaped it all! We watched it when we came back inside the house! I couldn't handle it!! I started screaming and Mommy could not calm me down for 45 minutes!! I missed him so much! I kept asking, "Where's Baby?" Don't worry, now he loves going to school! He was just scared that first day. Mommy said she had a picture of him getting off of the bus happy, but she can't find the camera!! Oh MOMMY!!!!


Anonymous said...

I sure do love you and your brothers. It's hard to be a nana and live so far away for you guys. I'm glad Dallin likes school now. Kaiden looks so grown up, it's hard to believe that he is in 2nd grade. It won't be long till you go to school too. Love Nana

Janeen said...

Hooray! I finally got your url from Pa! Gabby- you are one amazing blogger... Dallin & K-1 looked SO cute heading off to school! The running pics are awesome! I'm betting K-1 could beat me! Go Matt & Nanna! When is Jenny due?