Friday, September 7, 2007

High School Musical 2 Party

R-L:Kobe, Kaelin, Kaiden, Jake, Matthew, Maggs, Dallin, Me, and Drew

We are so cool!
My mom was so busy, she didn't have time to comb my hair!
"This movie is awesome!"
Dear Diary,

I forgot to tell you about the coolest party I threw! (Well, technically it was my brother and his friend Maggie's party, but we all know everyone came to see me!) So, I am sure by now you have heard of High School Musical. Hello-it's only the best movie ever! Well, High School Musical 2 was coming out and Mommy and Megan (that's Maggie's mom) decided to let Kaiden and Maggs have a "premiere" party. I think Mommy and Megan were more excited than we were! Well, we ended up having a pre-party at Megan's, with pop and pizza. Next, we went to our house to watch the movie. When we were at Megan's, Mommy came home and set up a red carpet for us "celebs" to walk. We got to watch the movie, and the best part was I got to stay up late! There was a few downers on the night :

1. My friend, Drew, threw-up five minutes into the movie and had to go home. ( I really wanted him to stay! And don't worry he wasn't sick we found out. It was just a fluke up-chuck, which makes it even more of a bummer!) :)

2. Even though I did get to stay up late, I still had to go to bed before the movie was over. Mommy used some excuse like I was grumpy or something!

I had a really fun time. Thanks Mrs. Megan and Mommy!!!