Sunday, March 23, 2008

Egg Hunting Time. . .

Today we went to our friend's house to have an Easter egg hunt. It was lots of fun! The best part was that once I found an egg. . . there was CANDY inside!!! I was so excited!

Man, I was so good at spotting those eggs!

Dallin was good at it too!

Thanks Ms. Megan, we had lots of fun!!


Gage Kids said...

Coats on and snow on the ground during egg hunts! Looks like fun! What a cute family picture. My kids love looking at your blog, they are always asking if they can we see the pictures of my cousin and her kids. The one with the girl dancing. So fun to keep tabs on eachother.

Klaine & Kelley Tanner said...

Hey looks like a fun easter egg hunt. Ran in to your brother in El Paso. He is in our ward. The kids and I are still in Indy for two more weeks, but will be moving there after that. Email me!