Thursday, March 13, 2008

More about Kaid's party!!

This was about the coolest cake, especially if you are a Pokemon fan! (Which my brother is slowly turning me into!) It was dang good!! Chocolate inside!! Umm Umm!!

The funniest part was that Kaid had to wear this hat the whole time!! That is a funny hat!!

This was the boring part. The boys built their own rockets. I really got tired of just sitting there!! The boys really seemed to have fun!

As I said earlier, I was just tired of sitting as the table! So I decided to have some fun by taking parts from the boys!! Man, whats wrong with having a little fun!! Well, anyways, Daddy didn't think it was funny (especially since the boys were getting MAD), and I got put in time-out!! Can you believe that!! How embarrassing!! Sheesh!
This was Kaiden's favorite part of course!! His friends were very, very generous!! Maybe I should invite them to my birthday!! (Which by the way, is next month!! April 28th!!) (Just in case you wanted to send presents!! Hee Hee)


The M mom said...

Gabby, I just love you! You are so cute!


Sean and Jeannette said...

Holy cow, I didn't know Isaac and Gabby-girl have the same birthday!! APRIL 28th, right??? Man, I miss you guys so much! How are you all doing?