Saturday, March 22, 2008

Never Again!!!!

Yesterday (Friday), my dad got this crazy idea that we should go skiing all together. Now, all I know about skiing, is that my brother loves it, and it has something to do with snow. I have been sledding before, so I thought they were the same thing. When I heard dad say that, I said,"Yay!! Let's go sledding!" And, off we went. After 4 hours in the car (hello, I thought it was like 5 minutes away!) we were finally at the ski place. It was called Caberfae Peaks. I was psyched to go sledding!! (at least, that is still what I thought we were doing). Little did I know that I would have to have these long things stuck to my feet and then be shoved down a hill! At first, it actually wasn't that bad, and was fun! That was while my dad held on to me as we went down the hill. Then he tried to tell me I had to go down myself and I was like, "I don't think so!!" Dallin cryed for a long time. Sometimes he is wimpy. (Sorry, it's the truth!) Finally, Dallin went down by himself and he had lot's of fun. As long as mommy caught him at the bottom, he loved it! That's until mommy didn't catch him and slammed into a fence post! Then he didn't want to do it anymore either. Kaiden, on the other hand was bummed that we had to stay at the part called the bunny slope. I don't know why they called it that, I didn't see any bunnies. hmm. . . Finally, Daddy and Kaiden rode these seat things up a huge hill. They disappeared up the hill and we didn't see them for a while. Then, next thing I know, here comes Kaiden flying down this huge hill, with Daddy coming behind him. I thought to myself, "NO THANKS!!" Mommy was proud since this was her first time and she never fell down! Of course she didn't leave the bunny hill either. Finally, me, Mommy, and Dallin went and hung out in a nice warm building, while Daddy and Kaiden went skiing some more. Our day ended with Kaiden coming in crying because him and Daddy went down the resort's black diamond hill and he fell. Apparently he was making the pizza slice with his feet, that they tell you to make when you want to stop, but it didn't stop him. I was happy to leave. So was Kaiden since he had a head ache from falling, and so was Dallin since he had a busted lip from skiing into the fence post. Please never take me skiing again!! :)

This is the thing that Kaiden and Daddy went on to go high up the hill! I wanted to ride, but Mommy wouldn't let me. She said I had to know how to ski down the hill.

This is at the top of the hill and before Kaiden fell down the hill, so he's happy. (Not for long. . .)

Dallin did finally get the hang of going down the hill by himself. Unfortunately. . . he didn't know how to stop and skiied into the fence post. :(

This was Dallin trying to tell me skiing was fun. Must of been before the fence post incident.


Anonymous said...

Chicky, In time it will become easier, but you must keep trying. Its like walking... the more you do it the easier it becomes. That goes for Dallin and mommy too! Grandma tried it, but gave up to soon. Hang in there!!! Go Chicky. Love, Grandma