Monday, January 19, 2009

My Christmas

Yeah, finally Mommy is posting some of our Christmas pictures. We had a really good Christmas. I love Christmas because it means that we get to go down to Indiana and see my grandparents. Although this year was extra special, and my Grandma and Pa came up to see me! I LOVE when they come!! In fact, I hope they come back when Kaiden and Daddy fly to New Hampshire to go skiing in February. :) I also got to see my Nanna and Granddad, Uncle Bradley, Uncle Jared, Aunt Jenny and baby Camryn. I also got to see family in Lexington, KY. It was fun to go there and visit my Great Aunts and Uncles. But, this was all after Christmas, so let's get back to Christmas in Michigan. . .

This was Christmas Eve. We always get pojams on Christmas Eve. I was rocking Hanna Montana!! She's awesome!!
This was what was waiting for us on Christmas Morning!! Say Hello to Mario -you have to say it with an Italian accent. That's the only way he responds to his name. . . really! :) Mario is the newest member of the family. He is the cutest little hamster. He was getting kind of crazy for a while, but he has calmed down. Now he is really nice. Although Mommy still wears ski gloves when she picks him up. He never bites me. . . and Mommy says that I'm really rough with him. Hmmm. . . .

Along with Grandma and Pa, we also had the missionaries from my church, come have Christmas with us. They were so funny. Mommy also got them pojams to wear, which they totally rocked, might I just say! We opened presents, had breakfast, and then pretty much played with the wii! Santa brought that to us this year!

Thanks for all the presents!!


Grandma and Pa said...

Thanks!! We had so much fun waking up on Christmas morning with the family. That Santa is so sneaky he left lots of presents for everybody. Mario is so cute, even with his beady eyes. We love you guys!
Take care,
Grandma & Pa

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