Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Capture the Monster!!

Capture the Mario!! Men, Mario is on the loose!! He must be captured at all costs!!
Roger that Sir, the Mario is captured!

Ugh, actually he's not! He's escaping!!
Ok, Ok, we can't help it. This is what we do on Sunday's. Sunday is our t.v. rest day, so we use our imaginations!! We have fun though! (At Mario's expense) :)


Maxfield Family said...

Looks like you are all enjoying Mario. He is cute.

valerie said...

Looks like the kids really like playing with Mario. He's looks so fluffy and sweet!!

Anonymous said...

That little beady-eyed Mario is a regular part of the family. He is a cutie but I will admire him from a far. Love ya. Grandma

Danette said...

I love this blog, Allergy (he he he)!
I need to get our codes so that we can play some MarioKart. Maybe I'll do it today while we have time off, just don't hold me to it!

Brent and Katie said...

That is the best FHE ever! I'd fear for the hamster if it were my kids though.

ytryeyre said...

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