Monday, January 19, 2009

Picking out our Christmas Tree. . .

Daddy, can you carry me!!

Finally, we found the perfect tree!

I'm so tired!

On the wagon

So, yes, mommy is playing catch up again!! So let me tell you how our Holidays went. . . It was really good! We started out by picking a tree. It felt really cold that day, although after the weather we've had lately it probably would of felt warm to me! Anyways, we had fun picking out our tree. Sorry the pictures are in a backwards order. First, we rode a wagon out into the fields. Then we walked around until we found the perfect tree. I was getting so tired! (remember, I got stomach flu later that evening, so that probably explains why I was so tired! I'm usually in tiptop shape!) We finally found a tree. Actually Kaiden found it. Daddy cut it down and him and Kaiden dragged it back to where the tractor picked us back up. Next they put it through this machine that made the tree look really skinny. Daddy tied it to our car. Last, (my favorite part)we got donuts and hot chocolate. It was so yummy. That evening we decorated the tree and then I threw up at the dinner table. Oohhh, I'm glad that's over with!!


Grandma and Pa said...

You guys did a great job picking out your christmas tree. The lights was all you needed for your tree. It was so pretty! I remember when your mommy was a little chick, we would do the same thing go hunting for that special tree. It was alot of fun!!

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