Saturday, January 3, 2009

So. . .

Really fast, here is a run down of things we've been doing leading up to Christmas.
We. .
.1 Played in the snow and have gone sledding. Let me just say that I'm a serious sledder and have even added ramping to my sledding activities. Kaiden also started going with ski club each week.
2. Went to many Christmas events, including Crossroads Village, school holiday parties, and our church Christmas party. The only problem is that SANTA has also attended all of these events, and I don't like Santa. Why you might ask? "I don't like his wipe hair!" and "I only like Santa when I am sleeping and he brings me presents!". I don't want to be anywhere near him, so that is why Daddy tricked me and rushed me into the picture really fast! Oooohh, that Daddy is so sneaky!

3. We went out and looked for the perfect Christmas tree. (I will have to post that later) Then we came home and decorated it. Next I threw up at dinner time and proceeded to get my mom and my brother sick also with the stomach flu. This picture was taken pre-"blaugh" as I like to say.

4. We got pounded with more snow, and the last day of school before Christmas break got cancelled! Hooray! But the past two weeks have passed to quickly and now Daddy has to go back to work and the boys have to go back to school! Waaaa!

Now on to the Christmas pictures!


Maxfield Family said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun leading up to christmas, minus the flu bug. Thanks for letting us go to crossroads with you, we loved it.

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