Friday, September 21, 2007

Dear Diary,
I have finally recovered enough to talk about my brothers going away and leaving me all alone! A couple weeks ago (Sept. 4th to be exact),my brothers started this terrible thing called school!! At least that is what I thought of school at first. The first day of school my brothers had to get all nice looking and stuff. I mean Mom was all worried about their hair and everything. Now I don't think my mom even combs their hair! Anyway, we went to the neighborhood playground and a BUNCH of kids where there, even though it was early in the morning! Then this huge, yellow, long thing came. My mom calls it a bus. As soon as it came, all the kids that were playing got into this really long line. Then moms started crying, kids started crying. . . I was trying to figure out what was going on! Next thing I know, Kaiden is getting on the bus! Then he was gone and I didn't see him for a very long time. . . like ALL DAY!!! My mom told me that Kaiden had to ride the bus to go to school. Dallin didn't ride the bus to go to school. Mommy took him in a car, and I had to go to one of my favorite neighbors, Ms. Megan's house. But that wasn't till later. I guess Dallin only goes a half day and they did not have a bus for him the first day. All I know is that Dallin did not want to go! I thought to myself "Man, this school place must be horrible!" But when Kaiden came home he was happy. And even when Dallin came home he was happy. I have since been to visit Kaiden and Dallin's school and it doesn't seem that bad. Actually, so far, I have got to eat lunch with Kaiden every Friday. That is a lot of fun. His friends tell me I am cute and try to make me laugh. And I know there is this really cool playground that Mommy never lets me play on! Not Fair!!! So I am thinking maybe this school thing isn't so bad after all. I just really miss my brothers. It is not to bad because at least Dallin gets to play with me in the mornings, then he gets on a bus and goes to school. The worst thing is that before school started I did not have to take naps. Now, when Dallin leaves I have to take a nap. . . at least 3 times a week!! Really NOT FAIR! Oh well, I must be tired, because as much as I don't want to, I always fall asleep!

Sept. 4, 2007 First Day of School
Dallin started Young 5's and Kaiden started 2nd Grade

My brothers and some of my best friends, Maggie and Matt. Do you know what Dallin calls Maggie? . . . . He calls Maggie his girlfriend!!!! No Joke!!! :) Maggie started Kindergarten and Matt is in preschool.

These are some of the boys my brothers play with.
R-L:Jake, Dallin, Kaiden, Kobe, Grant and Zachary
See, look this is when the bus came! Bye Kay Kay!!!