Friday, September 21, 2007

Kaiden's First Day of School Pictures

Here are some pictures of Kaiden's first day of school. His teacher is Mrs. Huber. So far it seems that Kaiden really likes her! Tonight we are going to the high school football game and Kaiden was excited because Mrs. Huber was going to be there. He is the oldest at his school. (It only goes to 2nd grade.) Next year he will go to a new school.
This is my brother Kaiden. A lot of people think he looks like my Uncle Jason.

Here is that big, yellow, bus thing. There are two buses for our neighborhood. Also, there are only two bus stops. The kids at my brother's bus stop fills up the whole bus!
Oh, good! Kaiden survived his first day of school! Hooray!!!
The most favorite part of the day is when I get to go to the bus stop in the afternoon (after my nap), and see Kay Kay and Dallin get off of the bus.