Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"Bear Slides": Part 2 of Part 1 of our Summer Trip

This was the favorite part of the camping trip for everyone! This place was so cool. It wasn't that fun getting up to the "Bear Slides", but it was worth it. We hiked up the mountain for about 15 minutes and it was a pretty steep trail to follow. I wasn't sure if me and Mommy were going to make it! Finally we came to these natural water slides, and we had a blast on them. Right of the bat Kaiden, Dallin, and Daddy about broke there arms and legs on the first part of the slide we tried. After that we just stuck closer to the bottom of the stream and it wasn't very dangerous! We had this place to ourselves the whole time we stayed which was about 4 hours. It was so neat! If we ever go back, we are definitely heading back to this place!

Kaiden getting ready to take his first "slide" down the stream.

This was my part of the slide. It was the very bottom, and there was a little pool at the bottom to play in.

Notice Dallin is holding his bum bum. This must of been taken after he went down the super scary part that none of us ever tried again after the first time we went down! (The part where you get slammed into rocks at the end!)


valerie said...

This looks like sooo much fun!!!!

The Horn Family said...

I have to agree, this looks like so much fun.