Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Part 2 of Part 3 of Our Summer Trip (Is anyone getting tired of this yet?)

The rest of our trip with Uncle Ryan and Aunt Elizabeth was a lot of fun. Uncle Ryan took us to see lots of cool things. He even let me help him cook breakfast! He must know that the way to my heart is through food!

I was cooking eggs!

This was the brook behinds Uncle Ryan's house. It was COLD! It was so deep in some parts that it went up to Daddy's chin!

It was good swimming practice for Kaid.

It would be for me too, if I knew how to swim!! (Don't worry I'm in swimming lessons this summer!)

Uncle Ryan took us to Quechee Gorge. It was really deep!

He also took us to this place called Simon Pearce. In the basement of the store they blew glass and made pottery. We were to late to see them blow glass, but they pottery guy gave us clay to take home! I made a turtle with my clay.

This is still at Simon Pearce.