Thursday, July 31, 2008

Now It's Our Turn!

Well, it was finally our turn to stay home and have someone to come visit us!! I was so excited to have surprise guests!! I was sitting there watching t.v. (yes. . I admit, when I grow up I want to be a couch potato! At least while Sponge bob is on!) when who knocks on the door?! Greba and Pa!! Hooray!!! We were all so excited, and WE had a fun time. I hope they did!

Pa got up one morning and played Star Wars Life. I think I won. I could tell Pa wanted to play all day!! (I'm shaking my head "NO")

The key to winning is all in the way you through the dice!! Honest!!

Dallin thinks he is winning, and I didn't have the heart to tell him, "Sorry, I'm winning!".

Me, Mommy, and Greba went shopping. Meanwhile, Pa put the boys to work, and cleaned the whole basement!! If you have seen our basement in person, take a deep breath and try not to have a heart attack as you look at this picture. . . I know. . . it is very shocking!! You can see the floor!!! Now, we are all not aloud to go down there!! JK. Thanks Pa!!


Anonymous said...

We had a great time as always. Thanks for spending time with us. See you later Chickie!


Brent, Katie, Kenneth, Sam, and Evan. said...

I hope my baby girl is as cute as yours. She is dripping in honey, honestly. Well only 1-2 weeks left!