Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Home for a Few Days and then Off Again!

Well, we got home from our super fun trip to New Hampshire, rested a few days, and then Mommy and us kids were off to Indiana. Daddy had to stay to work, and I really missed him. However, I did have lots to do to keep me occupied. I had so much fun playing with my cousins. I also got to see my Grandma and Grandpa Great, along with some more cousins, Niles, Leo, Felicity, and their mom, Lindsey! I didn't realize I had so many cousins!! I also helped Pa finish up his front yard that him and my Aunt Neen were working on.

This is my cousin Talmage. He is just my size and we had lots of fun. He likes to dance, like me. He is an aspiring break dancer! He's really good too!
These are my cousins, Ada and Braden. They are so cool! Pretty much all Kaiden did was play the computer. . . (N.E.R.D) Just Joking-I love Kaiden! Hey look, in the background you can see a picture of Grandma and her sister, Oni. Her real name is Leona, but I only know her as Oni. I wish I could meet her in real life someday!

That's my cousin Emmy. She was like a big sister to me. I loved being around her!

I helped Pa finish his front yard. He couldn't of done it without me--I am a skilled landscape artist. Ok, Ok, I'm just kidding!


Jason said...

Thanks Gabby so much for visiting with us. We really loved seeing you guys. We can't believe how big you are getting. Next time we see you maybe it will be in TEXAS at our house. Then we can show you off so all the people can be jealous of cute little Gabby.

The Domino's said...

I love your site Gabby. Maya is sitting next to me pointing to all your pictures saying that's my friend Mom.