Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Part 3 of Part 1 of our Summer Trip: Prospect Mtn.

The second day of our camping trip, we were going to go to a near by water park, but it got cold and rainy. So we decided to take a drive up this mountain called Prospect Mountain. Once you almost got to the top, a little white bus took you up the rest of the way-all the way to the very top point!! Kaiden was scared on the bus. I think he is scared to be up high, or something. He thought the bus was going to crash and fall off the mountain! He worries way to much. . . anyway, it was pretty cool at the top! The scariest part was when I had to go to the bathroom!! The toilet looked like a normal toilet, but when you opened the toilet lid, it was a huge hole that was really deep and you could see down it. It scared Mommy too!! What if I fell down it!! Oh, gross!! anyway, they didn't have any running water. It was sick!! But back to the mountain. When we got to the top, it cleared up and was nice and sunny. I'm glad we went, it was pretty neat.

This was at the very top.

While at the top Kaiden decided he was going to rock climb, like his Uncle Jared.

He almost fell off and was holding on for dear life.

He was trying to get my help, but I figured he could handle it on his own. What?. . . It was good for him!

Here we are, on the very highest rock at the top of the Mountain. I know. . . it is not like it is Mt. Everest or anything, but it still felt really high to me!!