Monday, July 7, 2008

Here is the start of our vacation. It was so much fun. We saw new things and did things I had never done before. Daddy even said that we went the farthest east we had ever been. The first day we drove through Canada and stopped at Niagara Falls. That was CRAZY!! We rode a boat out to the falls and it felt like we were in a hurricane!! Then when that was over we walked up stairs right next to the water fall and got drenched!! (We even had ponchos on!!) After that we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe and then left to go to our hotel a little bit down the road. We went to Niagara Falls on the American side this time, since we have been to the Canadian side a few other times. It was a little scary for me coming back into the U.S. because we had to stop at this booth when we got to the border. This guy asked us lots of questions and then he opened the van door on my side and stared at me!! He tried to ask me questions about my unicorn I was holding but I gave him the cold shoulder!! Doesn't he know Mommy taught me not to talk to strangers!! Daddy says that is what they do whenever you cross borders of different countries. I guess he was right because they did it again when we came back home!!

Wow--I never seen a flat screen t.v. before!! It was big!! They are really nice to watch cartoons on!!

So far I'm having a great time!!

The boys had a good time, too!


The Horn Family said...

Well, I was born in Washington, when I was 4 we moved to Iowa, when I was 6 we moved to New Castle, when I was 10 we moved to Plainfield, when I was 20 I went to school in Rexburg, and after I got married we lived in Indianapolis.
There's my life story of where all I've lived.